Direct data Processing

Intrack's Direct Data Processing service advantage

Fast turnaround time: not more than 5 days once raw data is given to upload back for report viewing (we aim to finish the monthly conversion within 2-3 days time)

Cross retailer analysis capability ( various retailer scan data can be combined and integrated into one report)

Web based access with unlimited user access IDs

Cost efficient



Why use our Direct Data Processing service ? (DDP = Direct Data Processing)

Outsource the work If you don't have any experience or time in cleaning and analysing retailer scan data, normally scan data cleaning can be time consuming & tedious process

Experienced team to help to combine different format of different retailers scan data

Automation of reporting save time for users to analyse what the information mean and how to act upon, rather than spending time running the analysis

Central database to combine different retailers data for easy viewing and access

Key Features of Direct Data Processing Service

Fixed report for easy viewing of scan data. Plus able to create your own report format via pivot table like function

Flexible to cater to your reporting needs: Create fixed report formats according to the way you want to see it.

Ready to use calculation fields: share, growth, ranking and Like for Like Growth calculation and etc.